Unknown if its a bug or just a lua cap but

@8BitCrab @jomaxro @sdee @yshan @brad @Tom @Ponder @Relyss A heads-up pass this on to the Devs, I found a root cause of the performance issue on high-end machines (I think).

What I did is I created a new save completely random as I had no intentions of keeping it, place town flag immediately, went to harvest, mine tunnel tool, selected a huge flat area.

As soon as they started to mine the 200 x 400 some odd area the game went to 99%
lua and 3% FPS, the game stayed at 60 fps in camera movement and fluidness.

I thought that was interesting it doesn’t happen with forest clears, it only happens when mining, and it gets worse if you dig several layers deep (like 200 x 300 x 12 downwards).

The game becomes unplayable with one herthing at max range of 1600 x 1200 x 1 deep, in fact it crashes with an unhandled exception, I can attempt to repeat this if you would like for the dance. Just let me know I’m down for serious bug re-creations if necessary Transcribed with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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