Small addtions to add in the future

Watching the stream the other day someone mentioned if weapon racks would be added and the answer was a maybe in the future. Well I thought of some “in the future” decorative items that would be a nice touch to the game later down the road.

  • Shelves (maybe with books or plants)
  • A small old wood burning kitchen stove (just a nice deco for the little hearths houses)
  • Maybe a nice gothic looking vanity (for the royals)
  • A scarecrow (for a good farm look)
  • Double bed if that’s possible (save on beds and they can cuddle!)

Just some silly ideas. I guess if they never implement any of these, a nice “more furniture” mod could use them.


awesome profile picture, on topic:
these ideas seem pretty good.
i really like the bookshelves.

I love the ideas, I noticed they are all aesthetic concepts, which is cool because they have a much higher likely-hood of getting into the game.

oh thanks guys. Yeah not everything in the game has to do something fancy. Its nice to have a few pieces that just bring out your creation a bit more. If I was fancy with the designing I would make them my self, but I havnt dabbled in the voxel making.


I suppose I can mod them in. It wouldn’t be hard, maybe.