simple_clay_chair.png needs updating

Summary: simple_clay_chair.qb has been changed to give it a back. simple_clay_chair.png does not reflect this

This goes for the fine version as well.

Ok I’m not crazy either. It’s not updated in game as well. Does that mean the .json file needs updating too? Sorry it’s before coffee. :wink:


Probably just an oversight on the programmer’s part, good catch. I’ve been waiting for chair backs since 13. :grin:

before coffee is the worst time of the day… :fearful:

Ok so here’s the file. Sorry, got a new computer

simple_clay_chair.qb (4.0 KB)

Ok so I figured out what was wrong. I’m using Qubicle 2 which is a different version than is used in development and from the iso view, it looks like a back is on it. But the difference in versions for some reason slices things off the “front” and puts them behind the object. It just looks like a back.

:flushed: Soo… color me embarrassed.

Thanks Crab for checking out the file and making me question my perception!

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