Sitting Animation backwards [workaround inside]

Hello! I’ve been starting to try modding recently and have managed to figure out adding new items and recipes and just now finished learning how to create crops! For a quick test to make sure i was doing everything correctly i recoloured the Comfy chair, changed material requirements etc. All looked to be well until i was testing to see how the servings for the new crop looked in-game and noticed when they went to sit on the comfy chair they sit on it backwards and cannot figure out why!

To summarise:

  • Added new(recoloured) chair to game
  • Icon, text, resources required etc and the model load in-game fine
  • Sitting Animation for the chair is backwards however

I proceeded to change the model to that of the original comfy chair to see if the same issues arose but when using the original non recoloured version of the chair the hearthlings sit and eat on the chairs as you would expect.

Since it is just a recolour the only difference (that i am aware of) between the original file and the recolored one are different coloured voxels. All dimensions and what not are all keep the same. Has anyone else experienced this?

Have you exported the .qb file with the option Z-Axis set to “Right handed”? If not, you should do it.

We’ve heard of someone in another thread that had a similar problem.

I hope this helps.


Welcome aboard @Tranzy :slight_smile:

Glad to see another modder joining the community.

It sounds like the problem is what @Relyss has mentioned.

That did the trick! Thanks a bunch! :grinning:

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