Shared Sleeping Quarters Bug

Odd bug I encountered while playing. When I attempted to construct a Shared Sleeping Quarters, the villagers only put down four beds, and refused to build the framework of the quarters. I attempted to fix it by reconstructing it, but they still didn’t create any framework

Was the building intersecting with anything that might have prevented it from getting built? Like a tree or rocks, etc? Did you have enough materials to build? (Wood, stone, etc?)

Plenty of materials, and nothing intersected it. Was a flat land.

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Mate, go to the game console, click on your unfinished building, and write ib, fixes the problem, same with double floor.

Hm, please send a screenshot, including the little colored bar in the lower right corner. (If it’s all yellow, for example, it’s a pathfinder issue.) You can also try saving/loading, to reboot the AI.


So I rebooted several times, and after the third time it managed to work

On another point, is there a reason why the Mason’s Hammer and Chisel isn’t working? I tried building it and the carpenter simply places a wood block on it and leaves it there.

If you don’t have a piece of stone (gathering from mining or harvesting a boulder), it can’t be completed. It needs both materials.


Now, move the Mason’s crafting table as much as possible until your worker uses the crafting table.

IF you want to simply build it pull up console with ` and type in ib while having the building selected, it will instantly build the building.