(Possible Solution) About unifinished construction issue

Hi, this is my first post in any community I’ve ever been and also, English is not my native language so I apologize first for maybe not putting this thread in the right category and for my writing.

I read a lot of people who have issues with unfinished buildings, not those that you pause and the continue the building, that is still a bug as far as I know.
Sometimes my hearthlings didn’t finished my buildings, i.e., they didn’t put the door, or the lamps, or maybe the template has 5 beds and they just putted 4.

One of the solutions I managed to found, is to let that building apart, and start a new one. When the hearthlings finish that last building, they sometimes “remember” that other building that is just missing maybe a bed, or the door. And the go and put it there.

Also, another one is to save and load the game several times, it seems to fix the problem.

I hope this can be of use for somebody else, and again, apologize for my English and for perhaps putting this in the wrong category.


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