Separate item filer for herbs and silkweed

I always like putting boxes of herbs by the herbalists’ work spaces and silkweed by the weavers’, but with them being under one filter I frequently end up seeing the herbalists running over to the weavers’ area for herbs and the weavers doing the opposite. It’s really inefficient, and makes me feel bad for them. It’d be great if I could just separate them properly to start with.


I agree that the stockpile system should be changed in a later version.
Meanwhile how about a mod?


I 100% disapprove of saying that basic functionality shouldn’t be incorporated into the game simply because someone decided it was such a vital part of the gameplay that they spent their own time to mod it into the game.


Well, I’m hoping for an official release too. Most modders here are ok with implementing their work in the official game and with a bit of attention this shouldn’t take too long.