Different storage categories for fiber and herbs


Would it be possible to segregate fiber from the flowers and herbs category in storage?
They are used in different workshops, the fiber is mostly used by the weaver and the herbs and flowers by the herbalist, But their storage is the same making it almost impossible to have both workshops far away from each other.
The supply baskets help a little but not enough.
Different production lines should have different storage categories.

Have fun, Kyth.


@max99x Just bumping this one. It would be really nice so that the herbalist can have a workshop of his own… Right now he lives with the taylor.

And can the sell value of the potions be increased a little? At the moment it isn’t worth making them. Flowers sale for the same. My herbalist feels his work is undervalued!

Have fun, kyth.


@malley’s been looking at this sort of things lately.


Love you :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.


Hey Kyth! I did this very recently (among other changes) and it was pushed last night - this is the input/supply box interface. Hopefully that is close enough to what you want?

Sadly the stockpile interface wouldn’t allow splitting these two apart without causing formatting issues (which is a bigger problem than we can solve quickly : /).

There is also a mod out there somewhere that completely replaces the stockpile UI I believe.


Short of. At least now they can be in different buildings served from a common warehouse in the middle. They still need to be close but, the herbalist will have his very own house. He’ll be happy.

I guess it would require to completely re-classify one of them into somethig else. And to create a new category. May be one day :cry:

Thanks, have fun, Kyth.


If there’s time (possibly as part of 1.1), I’d definitely second the request to juggle around where fibres go. There’s also the issue of wool coming under “animal parts”, which is very situational (most people will just keep all their animal parts at the weaver’s house…) but can be a pain if someone wants to use containers near their trapping zones to collect and bulk-move all those pelts.

Making “animal parts” into just “pelts”, and having a category for fibres, would neaten things up quite a bit.

If that goes ahead, I’d also like to suggest splitting up varanus skins and insect shells; so we could have “pelts” from furry creatures and “hides” from anything else. It might seem pedantic, but again it comes down to the fact that varanus skins are used by the herbalist (and very rarely the mason) while everything else goes to the weaver. I don’t believe the shells are even used for anything, but they don’t seem to belong with the soft pelts and if they do get a use I doubt it would be the weaver using them hahah.


Hmm, for this kind of specific separation it would be better to use input bins - they were designed to help separate things down further and to be (essentially) the “experienced” player’s way to organize their game.
That reminds me though, I think I completely spaced on the chitin - I should add that as a category.

They were meant to be used in some sort of low level weaponry/armor or high level magic’ed weaponry/armor - just never got around to it.