Select hearthling and jump to their position

I was searching for a similar suggestion, but I didn´t find one.
Blame me, if I was not seeing it right. ^^

It would be very usefull sometimes to click-jump-to-position of a individual selected hearthling.

Maybe I am overlooking a allready implemented feature?? :open_mouth:

If you click on a hearthling and click on his/her name on the bottom-left panel, the camera will center over it.

Also, if you open the citizen management window, and click on the right of a Hearthling row (I think over the task label at the right), it will also center the camera and select that hearthling.


correct ^^ 20 characz

Thanks for that hint, but I am nearly 100% sure I tried that.

I´m going to reproduce that … I remember that the hearthling I was searching was later found on top of a roof, which was disabled by slice-menu.

Repro: - send a hearthling on top of a roof (to grab that last block of wood)

  • hide the roof via slice
  • “jump-click” on his/her name and you will not jump to position

As I was saying, I´m currently at work but I will check that later if I was wrong this time. :blush:

Yeah, the issue with the slice view currently is that all entities above the slice view are unloaded from the renderer. Generally that’s a good thing and something one should do with hidden entities. However as you’ve discovered there are some cases where you need to access things within the hidden slices. Right now the only way to handle this is to keep slice turned off as much as possible and only use when needed.

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okay, for right now I accept. Slices are bad, mhkay?
Maybe for the future you check if that needed hearthling is rendered or not and if not, disable slices automatically before that jumping position thingy.

Do you simulate not-rendered hearthlings or are they really off-duty?

With my old projects we had two different possibilities hiding things ingame;
Hide() which really disables the model from rendering
SetFlag(OF_HIDDEN) which only sets the model position to Position+Vector(0,0,-999999) … that´s lame and not good coding but it worked for us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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First I think what I said may have led you to think I’m one of the Radiant devs, which I am not. Just very knowledgeable about internal workings of games in general and as of late this one also :smile:

But to better answer you, all entities (including their AI components) are still simulated even when hidden in the renderer because of slice view mode. However, there are a number of bugs with this where sometimes hearthlings will get stuck inside blocks that are hidden with slice mode (maybe it was fixed, not sure?). I would say that having slice mode automatically turn off when you jump to an entity currently hidden is a good idea but probably pretty far down on the priority list.

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