House-assigning and Fullscreen

Hey there! I have a couple of suggestions :smiley:

1: The ability to assign a Hearthling to a building! He/she would roam there when not busy, eat there, sleep there, etc.

2: A fullscreen mode (Is this already added?)

Fullscreen is added. Look in the options menu (it’s sorta hidden). You will need to close and reopen the client though.


Assigning things to hearthlings is on the todo list as well. They actually used to have a system where the hearthlings would claim a bed and it was really annoying, so they got rid of it until they can find time to implement a better system.


hey there @Conner_Culpepper, welcome aboard! :smile:

as has been mentioned, both of your suggestions are already in place, or are do to be reintroduced … have fun! :+1: