Saying goodbye to old games

I was more or less forced to perform a cleaning session around our TV area. Hopefully not a goodbye, but a see-you-later.

The sad event was summarized into this one minute long video. Don’t take it too seriously though :wink:

Hopefully I’m not the only one with strong attachments to old (and older) game related “things”.

FYI, I grew up with NES, we sold it, but I re-collected most of our games and a lot more around 10 years ago to this quite nice collection. The PS2 is almost only used for Guitar Hero games, I’m an expert :wink: A lot of the other games are completely untouched, they just came along with a pack I bought.

Enjoy the video, and feel free to share your sentimental gaming memories!


stepped into wayback machine… :white_check_mark:

enjoyed nostalgia video… :white_check_mark:

In case you ever want to do a sequel, I know just the person to assist you!

*takes cover*

Darn it, I think I recognize that face, but I get no revelations… Because of this I don’t know how offended I should be :grin:

that’s the “Will it blend” guy, no?

Ah, after some google image search it looks like you’re right, @Lele99 :blush:

So I’m not that offended by @RepeatPan … BUT MY GAMES ARE!!! :rage3: :rage3: :rage3:

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Or are they? That is the question!

The NES was the first console I got (had that orange pewpew thing too).
But the way I got it is kind of different to most people probably.

I was playing at my cousins house and he ended up hurting me on my hand. He freaked out, because I’m kind of important to the family, I was just to young to understand that then.

Anyway, so there I was crying my eyes out, him freaking out.
It was then that he gave me his Nintendo plus games, so I would stop crying.
Worked like a charm too. Then he ended up coming playing to my house a lot more often. :laughing:

Years later, this NES ended up in our summer mansion in Portugal where we still can enjoy it and the next generations of cousins and nephew/nieces will be able to play those old games too.

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ahh, the memories of the orange pew pew!

there’s an interseting story here, i’m sure… :smiley: but i wont pry… :wink:

Yes, my games rather lives an honorable life than dying an honorable (and rememberable (!=)) death-by-blender :wink:

But you are old enough now I guess… are you royal or so? :wink:

In any way, interesting way of getting a NES, and a nice way to keep it nowdays! I don’t remember how or why we got ours, but we sure as hell loved it, played it, and cared for it! All boxes and manuals kept safe and clean - until we sold them off. We kind of had to sell it when we got our Amiga500. But that one we still have, and it works! :blush:

Are you part of the Mafia or something?

Sort of different, because I’m not yet really old enough that I have much nostalgia as I can still play pretty much everything I ever had played (even Settlers II I replaced when it no longer could work with the operating systems with an updated version), other than Pokémon Emerald, which was so tragically lost :cry: probably my favourite Pokémon game that I own as well.

However, when I went to primary school, I always used to have to go to a breakfast club for about an hour before school, because my parents both worked in Liverpool which is about an hour away from my suburban house. They had a Gamecube there, and certainly for the first 4 or 5 years we didn’t own any consoles at home. I didn’t get to play on it much, I mostly had to watch as the older kids played, but I really loved some of those games. Mario Sunshine (much less so), Mario 64, Spiro (when we had the PlayStation briefly) and Whirl Tour made up fond memories. I often wished I could still play them. To my luck, my younger brother is a gamer too and has actually since bought Mario Sunshine and Whirl Tour which we can then play on the Wii. Mario 64 I think we owned for DS but is lost? I intend to try and play it soon. Spiro is still on my list to get though.

When she was like 5?

Lucky for you, My brother being a gaming is an extreme annoyance. He always hogs MY X-Box 360, X-Box One, Wii, Computer or whatever the hell I feel like playing on.

Maybe she was the heir to the Mafia Boss, Her dad running the joint, And if her cousin hadn’t made her happy again he may have been worried that one night in a dark alley he might here the words: The Boss isn’t happy with you, Coz

So I write a story full of adventure, action, passion and orange pewpews. And all people wanna talk about is the family… typical. :neutral_face:

I’m not royalty or something fancy like that, I guess @Newf is the nearest to the truth, but at the same time, we are nothing like the mafia lol.

We don’t do any illegal things or anything like that. It’s just that the main family line owns a lot of terrain and businessy stuff and half of the family (cousins etc) works for my grandfather.

Then my father is heir apparent and then it’s old me :wink:

I guess you could say it’s a business kept within the family and the jiji’s the big boss right now.

They do say that every family has a skeleton in the cupboard. Some do literally (Joke obviously, we don’t keep them in the cupboard lol)

That’s … not cool.
You didn’t see it, but the NES was probably crying when you decided to part with it.

EDIT: On a side note, I just checked and businessy is an existing word. (Didn’t know about that before)

Well, all kids get sad and cries for various reasons, but most don’t get gaming consoles from it :wink:

I think you’re right. But I was 10, and my brother was 12, and with the A500 at hand we (or our parents) had no understanding of what it would mean. The sad part is that we sold it to relatives in perfect condition and when checking back on the stuff at a visit some time later we regret the deal so much. I still wake up at nights, crying, screaming, thinking of that poor NES… :cry:

That’s probably a key factor to the gaming nostalgia I feel! On the plus side, nowdays there are lots of games coming back thanks to emulators and “refreshes”. I can for example play Monkey Island (and other games) on my Tablet with SCUMMVM, by importing my really old DOS version to it :smiley:
On the minus side, a lot of games are not as fun or good looking as they were back then. Sometimes it is best to leave the skeleton buried (in the cupboard), and let the memories remain exactly that :wink:


I don’t know why, but you are making it sound like I was spoiled rotten and I don’t like it! Nyaa :laughing:

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I was spoilt rotten. I can admit it! Can you?

Well I was spoiled maybe.

But I was not spoiled rotten like those characters you see in books or TV that act all arrogant, like they own everything.

I’m proud to say that I didn’t point out in every sentence that I own everything. :thumbsup:

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Oh No, I do that all the time for the laugh.

I am spoiled as-well.

Yeah, I admit it.

I may or may not be on the rotten side. :wink: