This years best Christmas presents!

Please feel free to leave your favirite Christmas presents here! you can leave others, but make sure the favorite is left out.

Favorite: A puppy i get to pick after it gets born.

Second: A new swivel chair.

Third: Pokemon X


1st: A new monitor for my PC
2nd: A book by Stephen Hawking
3rd: A box of Peppermint Bark (yum yum)

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Favourite: The check that I got with $??? money on it. Its for the rest of the cost of my new PC.

Second: My new monitor for my PC that I am going to order…

Third: A box of winegums. They’re delicious. :thumbsup:

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Favorite: Stonehearth Game

Second: A Yam

Third: Siberian Mineral Rights

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Favourite: HMS Victory model ship

Second: X-Box 1

Third: 50 euro steam voucher

Name it Newf!

Hm… Mabey… but mabey not, naming it after you could cause some weird problems when i state “I hate newf” if i ever need to.

You got an Xbox? Add me and we can play sometime!

Gamertag: C0LT F1RE4RMS (yes, I know, but it’s from like 4 years ago)

You cannot hate Newf only mildly dislike…Also what breed?

I haven’t got it set up yet but hopefully tomorrow I will. Are you sure its an X-Box 1 you have and not an X-Box 360?

Both, actually.

And tomorrow I won’t be home. :stuck_out_tongue:

The perfect time to rob you and sell your X-Box 1 to the highest bidder, I am pretty sure @Geoffers747 has been looking for one…

I suppose I could put a second one to some use …


the mind boggles…

as for me, the wife and i didnt really exchange many gifts this year… but i did get a sweet new Sony wireless headset for the living room… the kids all but destroyed the last pair… :smile:


1st: Sibelius First, woowoowoo!

2nd: Cyanide and Happiness: I’m Giving You the Finger

3rd: An Everton FC calendar (I know Geoffers is a Liverpool fan (please don’t tell me I’ve made this up) but I’m not trying to provoke anything here, the calendars are just really useful ;))

Due to the fact that I’m only halfway through the family tour, I haven’t actually gotten a fair few of my presents yet :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. I would have included my £30 shop on Steam and my Xbox wireless controller receiver for my PC, but they were presents I got myself, so I decided they didn’t count :wink: nor will the keyboard I’m looking at getting, however the money provided is certainly helping me there :slight_smile:

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Very nice… Cyanide and Happiness… all the small comics I’ve seen have been hilarious. :slight_smile:

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Well and honestly, I think comic books are the most sociable thing to receive at Christmas, because everyone else can read them when you put it down; I heard both my dad and my brother laughing away at it, and saw a couple of my cousins eyeing it up too. Plus, I mean, those comics. :slight_smile:


The best present I got this year was my new laptop.

BTW, @Smokestacks, which comic was it?

I don’t quite know what you’re asking…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I worded it incorrectly. I meant: What was the name?

What do you think…? I’m not sure what is to be confused with.

That was the name? I’m confused :confounded: