Merry Christmas!

DISCLAIMER: I know its not Christmas yet but Who is going to have anytime to make a post like this near Christmas? Also we are 4 days in already so its close enough.

Anyway I wish you ALL a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I made this post so like my Halloween post if you wanted to share anything to do with christmas.



Same to you @Newf Merry christmas and happy new year in advanced in-case i wont have time to post this, because it will be neckdeep in food

aww thanks babes. Merry crimbo to you too! and to everyone else here!

None of us here are female…except @HeartfangWolf

dont gotta be no fe to be my babes

I don’t know how but you have become the most terrifying person I have ever met…

and you haven’t even met me yet D:<

yes indeed, Merry Christmas everyone! :christmas_tree:

i hope everyone stays safe and warm, and gets to visit with lots of family and friends… oh, and for the record, there are quite a few female members here… :wink:

edit: and seeing as i’ve been so festively insensitive, Happy Holidays as well! :smile:

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I feel like we need a list

So our @SteveAdamo can be kind-hearted at times… :wink:

But I have a slight problem with this post… some people don’t celebrate Christmas. So for those of you who don’t… Happy Holidays!

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ahh yes @Alfie how could i be so ignorant im sorry, thanks for the reminder Happy Holdidays for everyone :smiley: may it be filled with the company of loved once and cheer

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And check it twice :wink:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, huh…

If only there was some snow over here I’d be a lot merrier, but I guess I’ll have to have fun without it.

Happy holidays to you all and may the upcoming year be joyful and filled with love :blush:

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Merry Christmas everyone!
(now all we need is the alpha to be released…)

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Happy Holidays all :slight_smile: :christmas_tree: :cake: :gift:

My christmas tree icon won’t work :frowning:


there you go, @Spu… enjoy! :smile:

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I am not sure if thats just helping out or abusing Moderating Powers

wait… there’s a difference?


Short song: Jingle Bells Parody (Note: For Dec.30th, to lazy to post then!)

Stonehearths out!
We all shout!
Time to go insane!
Oh, how fun…
It is to play…
a game which makes my day!
Stonehearths here!
Let’s all cheer!
And play all bloody year, HEY!


Sometimes, Just Sometimes This Forum can create something beautiful…a tear rolls down my cheek