Saved the game, loading older save

I usually save the game before I quit.

I have noticed this strange thing that sometimes when I load a saved game, it does not continue from the last save, but before the save. For example, I had this building built and decorated, fended off enemies and met the first goblin boss. Saved the game and quit.
Now I loaded the game and it continues from before the building was built and all the stuff that happened after.
It has done this a few times before.

Can anyone confirm this?

Just to confirm, do you have autosave enabled or disabled?

Disabled, I’ve never used autosave feature.

Ofc it may have been just me. I feel like I’ve saved everytime I quit, but looking at that nobody has confirmed this, I’m starting to get suspicious of myself.

No worries. We’ll leave this open, maybe someone is experiencing it too.

Is your save big, or just a few days in game?

Anyway, try to pay attention to when you save and load and see if you get it again.

The save is 41,3 MB. Not sure if that’s big for Stonehearth save file or not.