Saved game problem

So, I was doing great in my new town, had it completely walled off so I couldn’t get invaded and had about 47 people 37k networth houses for all farms being all farmed up, and then I was making more comfy beds for my citizens, and all the sudden the game was bugging so I hit save and tried to restart like I normally do to it whenever I encountered something like that, except this time now it isn’t loading my saved games at all, all it gives me is the option of new game or quick game. The saved games are still in the folder…it just isn’t registering them I guess? Iunno! just a little depressed is all D:

guess it would probably help if I described the bug that was happening, so I was in my carpenters screen making the comfy beds, and as I began clicking the game…hmm how to explain it…everything started overlapping each other and tabs wouldn’t go away?

thanks for the report @Zoljin! but I’m afraid a few more specifics might be required to help a Radiant hone in on what, precisely, you were doing when you came across your bug…

are there any more details or specific steps you can provide here?

that is literally all I did, I started clicking around trying to find the save button, found it, saved. Went through the overlapped buttons again and found exit game, then all of my saved files just wouldn’t load up at all.

I’m assuming it corrupted my saved game files…which is a little saddening :frowning:

go into your save games folder scroll down and delete the last save then start the game if that didn’t work do it again until you get one that works. it probably only corrupted the last save maybe 2