Save preset mod lists

Sounds about as the title says, I feel it would be nice to be able to save a mod set list in the mods menu to quickly switch to enable a certain sets of mods.

Like a set for lots of plants but another set for unbalanced crazy gameplay. I am aware that currently it can enable the mods specific to a save but that doesn’t always help me when I am starting a new town with something different and maybe I want to go back to the way it was but I don’t remember exactly what I had installed.

This would become more useful as more and more mod creators pump out their fun content.


Clearly we need a mod manager mod.


Hah, truth to that. The suggestion is out there for Dev team and Modders alike!

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Yo dawg, I heared you like mods, so I modded your mods to let a mod organise your mods, you dig? /awkward smile


I think it would be nice if the mods configuration was tied to the world. like the way space engineers works. you start a new game you pick your faction and difficulty and biome . then you pick the mods you want enabled that game. so the mods you chose is tied to each world so I can switch between worlds without enabling and disabling mods depending what world you want to play. but the mods for each world should be editable in case you decide to change the mods you use for that world.

Maybe I’m miss understanding, but isn’t that the case already? I loaded a game and it told me which mods were used in it and what I need to update, with a choice to activate all the necessary mods or keep using the current setting.

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to be more clear. when I want to change the mod configuration in a certain save I would go to that save and edit the mod list in that save instead of going to mods picking all the mods I want then loading the save and having to click proceed with currently selected mods. then also when I go to start a new world I want to be able to select the mods after picking faction difficulty and biome. because I often forget that certain mods are enabled and I have to go back to the menu to fix the mods I want enabled and disabled. then go trough the prosses of making a new world again. because I often have second thoughts when creating a new game on witch mods I want to use to if I could edit the mod list as part of the new game thing then I would not have to go though it so many times.