Mod Manager Interface

Hopefully I’m not repeating anything that’s already been talked about - I tried searching for a topic about it and couldn’t find one.

I think it would really improve my game experience if there was a simple “what mods do you want to use” checkbox dealio in the scenario creation interface (which in the latest build is absolutely lovely!). Basically, it would detect valid mods in your mods folder and let you select which ones you want to use for any given save game.

To me, especially while the game is going through development with both ‘latest’ and ‘stable’ builds (both of which I may want to use, at different times), and also because there are official mods for the game (Candledark), it would improve my quality of life to not have to muck around with moving or renaming files to disable mods depending on what save I want to play with.

SHED offered this

It’s outside of the game and I don’t develop it any longer, but it should still work. Had drag and drop, enable, disable, the works.


also there is a modmanager Praise - Stonehearth Mod Manager - all modders can add their mods their with the versionnumber ^^

also there will be an big update the next days :wink: