Mod selection screen?

Don’t know if there is already a thread of this but will there be a mod selection screen?
Or maybe when you start a new game you can choose what mods you will play with so that we dont have to keep multiple instances of vanilla stonehearth for modding.

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Something like that will certainly come at some point. It’s not to hard to do, seeing as it’s partially already possible to do something like this as mod.

There is some discussion to be found here: Mod layout & organisation thoughts and it is a topic that has cropped up a few times.

I think it’s safe to say that with how they want to push the game as being an extremely moddable experience that part of that experience is ease of use. I would fully expect there to be a very accessible system in place for picking and choosing mods.

indeed but still i think it would be really handy if they integrated it into vanilla stonehearth, especially if they do it as a extra options screen when you start a new game (so when it saves or loads it will remember the mods it needs and will only look for those mods)

I have no doubt that they will do this :smiley: