Mod manager-compatability checker

good day and welcome.

this topic will simply discuss one thing moving forward, the management and compatibility of modded work with the main game.
all games that rely on and use massive amounts of modified content will generate a lot of bugs, and a lot of overhead for the dev team, as compatibility issues between different mods and the game arise.
to reduce overhead on bug fixes for new modded content which is flat out unsustainable, my suggestion is to create a mod manager that can be edited by the community, something to ensure the mods in use will work seamlessly.
quality control if you will, the modders guide is towards that end, but a more in depth program to asses modded content compatibility with it self would help, i understand that i make it sound simple, but ensuring modded content is compatible with other modded content, will reduce bug reports and help the dev team get back to the game, and not mod fix’s.
and give the community as a whole, a better experience playing the game, i know its a bit of a quality of life thing, but its fundamental to any modding community as it ensures not only that mods can work well with each other but that the player is more interested in the game and its new content which improves the appeal of the game overall. i believe that this action is well worth pursuing, if not considering. :sunglasses: and if the modded content becomes incompatible as the game engine and base game bugs are fixed then so be it modders will work around your content dev team just make sure there’s a heads up in the blog’s change list before you do something that you think will effect a lot of modded content gives the modders a head start in a way.

this will also reduce the number of bug reports involving mods in the forums which is a +

and please a copy to clipboard for all mods under the subscribed workshop mods that needs to be there:triumph: adding 23 mods to a list by hand is not fun

(ps. i feel like a mod manager for this game that works well is a nightmare to make a lot more difficult then other modded content in other games but that’s just me idk but GL:rofl:)