What mods and how to maintain?

Basically, I’d just like to know what mods are popular, or what some of the best mods available at the time are.
Also, anything I can do to make the game run a little more smoothly? My computer isn’t that great, but it meets the minimum requirements, in-game is fine, but I’ve only played for about 2 hours so far, and it gets kinda choppy here and there…

Additionally, I’d like to know, if I install a mod, and the game is updated, what happens to any of the mod content etc.
I’ve encountered these kinds of situations before, but I can’t quite remember much about it.

Mods that add items into the game are generally more popular.

This is a know issue that the team is always working on to improve. One thing you can do is save and reload. A fresh loaded game has always better performance.

It depends on what the mods changes are, and what it requires to work. Most will not be affected, some will need to be updated, and most will just disable themselves when not compatible. Some times your game will show errors if the mod is not updated.

But yeah, then with the mod thing, its best I don’t load the save until the mod gets updated, and until I install that update right?
I just hope I realize when the game updates…