Is there a way to add a mod to a saved game that did have the mod before

is there a way to add a mod to a saved game without having to start a new game for the mod to work?
i have a game that i have been playing for some time now and i build a big city and i want to add more mods to it but when i get load the game the mods don’t work, they only work with new games
possibly a Lua command to reload the mods?

This sounds more like a mod conflict than anything. You can run mods on any save, whether they had them or not, but if two mods are trying to change the same file, and the save game needs to pull from that, then it can cause the conflict / crash.

its not that because i works fine when i start a new world.
this only happens with some mods not all

What mods are you using? Give me a little more info and maybe I can understand what’s happening. From my own mod creation, I can add new stuff all day long and not have problems.

the new mod I’m working on does it and a new mod i found called
does it
i added it to my alrady exsisting world and it doesn’t even show up in game but if i start a new world it works as intended

If a mod is enabled it will load regardless of whether it’s a savegame or a new world. Specific mods might not support being added later. It’s probably most effective to ask the author. For the one you linked, you can ask in [A23] Pawel’s Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others.

I’m having the same problems with my own mods that I’m currently testing.
the only way i can test the changes i made is to start a new game.
so is there something i can do to my own mods to make this so i don’t have to start a new world each time?

Entities already spawned in the world will often have saved data and if you just change their defaults, they won’t update. You’d need to do that manually.

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ok so do i just delete the saved data before I load the world?
Is there a way to refresh the saved data?
where is this data located?