Quick Question about Mods

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I’ve had stonhearth for a while but never tried mods. How do mods impact your world. i.e. Can you add a mod to a current game save? Does it have to be a new world for the mod to work? What happens when a new alpha comes out and the mod doesn’t update does that mean your save is corrupted forever? Can you remove mods after you’ve added them?

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It really depends on the mods.
Mods that adds new craftable items or jobs can be added any time.
Those that add items to world generation (or new biomes, missions, etc…) will require a new save game.

When a new alpha come, it is rare to break the mod. Only if the mod is doing some heavy changes. Most mods will not break! And when do, they get fixed very fast.

You can remove mods anytime, but if you have a modded item in your world, when loading it, it will give an error message because its mod is missing.

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