Is it worth modding?

I just made this thread to ask, is it worth modding? For example, could it cause problems in the future, does it make an impact on the quality of the game, could it completely change the game, does it make the game lag too much etc… Please help me!!

Important thing to remember: Stonehearth itself is a mod.

Could it cause problems in the future: Yes, TR could make changes to the game engine or code that the mod is dependent on which breaks the mod. Major changes could even prevent the game from loading properly with the mod installed.
Does it make an impact on the quality of the game: This is subjective. Mods come in every shape and size. Some add new items, some change gameplay mechanics, some change almost everything. The user has to judge if they feel the mod improves the quality for them.
Could it completely change the game: Yes.
Does it make the game lag too much: Only if written poorly. Mods that add items to the game (unless the items have visual effects like cubemitters) should not cause lag more than any existing items. Mods that change lua code can definitely have an effect on lag.


Thank you very much! This has helped a lot! I’m probably going to instal the extra furniture mod (it looks pretty cool) and look around for any others :slightly_smiling: Thank you again :smiley:

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Of what? What is this a mod of?

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When you look at the Stonehearth folder you see a folder mods and there you finde the mod Stonehearth. What that means is that Stonehearth itselfs pretends that it is a mod.
You can look at it like Stonehearth at first is a framework and everything you lay around is a mod.
Now what the devs did is that there game is a huge mode called Stonehearth and together with there framework it is the game Stonehearth.
This makes it so easy to create mods because all you need to do is using the framework like the mod Stonehearth is using it.


Yeah, I saw that when I inserted the furniture plus mod (I recommend it!). Anyway, thank you guys so much for the help, I’ve had no problems so far, and my game has been improved, as now I have more furniture types - yay! xD

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