The answer to all your quetion

If it isn’t in the game, you can mod it in.

I mean, seriosuly though, I hope this mod system of their’s holds up to the hype it is building.

People are gonna be disappointed when the stuff they have been dreaming of adding can’t actually be done.

But yeah. So this should effectively answer most of the unanswered “will this be in the game” questions.

If it isn’t, mod it in.

its all up to the players to learn how to program in LUA and how to animate.
i personaly am going to go balls deep into learning everything i can :stuck_out_tongue:

Im a game design student and have the animating part under my belt. I work heavily in 3DS Max. let me know if you have any questions.

In terms of programming, I hope to get into that too.

Hope this helps!

on the topic of modding things into the game.
what happens in the situation where a mod developer adds something amazing to the game, that the game developers want to add it to the actual game?

will stonehearth follow similar modding rules as minecraft?

I know this game will let my imagination go craaaazy, :smiley: me if I made something that developers actually think is worth being in a game I’d let them have it and just put my name in the credits

personally, i would hope there is something written into the “i agree to these terms” when installing the game, that says anything modded is fair game to end up in the official client… having said that, it would have to be somethnig fundementally “missing” to warrant being folded in…

I suppose that they’d probably have to do that, as a way of putting them into games id love something simple as the minecraft one can be a real pain if your not very well versed in computer wizardry, maybe something like a file you can put them into and an option in the options section to turn additional user content on ( and maybe put the I agree thing there)