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What programming language is used to make this game?

Will Stonehearth have a patcher like Minecraft or will the Beta and endgame work on platforms like Steam Desura etc…?
I’d like to see your Game on Steam now that it has the Early access thing and the updates are for developers made.

Who is doing the art and animation for your game currently. I really love the idea of your game and am stoked to see how it turns out. As an animator who currently works in SF and lives in SJ, I was wondering if you guys will be hiring depending on the success of your kickstarter campaign? If not, do you do contract work?

Tony has said that he’s dabbled with Python and used C++, but he focusing on writing in Lua, trying to make as much of the core engine as he can.
Tom has posted early versions of the UI written in HTML and javascript.

The game engine is written in C++11 with OpenGL for the rendered. All of the AI and game systems are written in Lua, though. Modders will be able to write their own Lua scripts to provide custom behavior for items, or even whole new scripted scenarios.

Good question. We’re not that far long in our thinking. Right now we have a very small team developing the core game play systems. I’ll have more information for you when we get closer to thinking about ramping up content development. Thanks!

I know this idea is 100% in your ballpark as the old saying goes, but I would love to see this game use the Minecraft business plan where you toss out Alpha/Beta build early, (Allow customers to buy into the game at a discounted price, then as you progress and get closer to retail, increase the price of the game until you hit what you intended retail price to be.)

This would help get more players into the game and build your community up. I know I (plus the countless others) that dove head first into the community to help grow the game and provided feedback as Minecraft worked it’s way from Alpha -> Beta -> Finally retail. This game just has the feeling like it’s going to have an awesome, deep and rich community and I’m hoping you guys do your best to take full advantage of it. :smiley:

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