Question about the Updates and Mods

I’m new here and I’m pretty sure my question is answered somewhere but I’m just bad at searching I guess. So to make that even more clear, I did try to search before posting. Anyways,

①When the new patches roll out, do you need to start a new save? I can imagine you don’t need to start a new save for patches that improves your performance but let’s say… I know the developers wants to make the border of the world like a book? And I think that’s a big change. So if a big overhaul like that were to happen, do you need to start from scrap again?

②As for mods, how do they exactly cope with the new updates? I haven’t ever used mods before (for this game at least), and I’m thinking about using some. When the new patches roll out, will there be a point that the mod will crash the game because it’s not compatible with the new update? I’m assuming the answer is yes. (And any recommendations for some mods to try? :smiley: )

The reason why I don’t play this game often is because of things like this I’m concerned about.

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It is rare to get an update that crashes old saves. The original game at least has no problems when jumping from old to newer versions. The last time we have a problem was at a17 (?) where objects placed in walls would fall once loaded in the new version, but the player could simple put them up again.

For mods however, it is more common to have things breaking. It happens on average (from what I see) once around 6 months. It all depends on what the mods changes and what the game itself has changed.

Anyway, it is usually fixed for compatibility very quickly, like in less than a week.


So if they add a new class or when a major overhaul rolls in, it show up with your current save?

Normally the devs make sure that there’s save compatibility. And if for some reason, some system breaks in old savefiles, or you need to load them, then save/load them again with the new game version to apply changes correctly, they will notify the community on the dev blog and patch notes. In the past there were cases where save compatibility would completely break and you had to start a new game, but nowadays is pretty rare.