Questions regarding Updates / Mods

Hi there,

I’m new both here and in the game. And I love it! The game is simply amazing– and I love where its going.
Though, when you play a game you love, and know the fact that its a Early Access I just cant get enough…

Anyone know how often they roll out new versions of the game?

  • The thing I need the most, is a demolish tool, that can remove buildings. I mean, something you can build stuff that the workers just wont finish. Its silly to have a half-built house in a pretty town right? :slight_smile: Maybe theres a working mod for this, I wonder.

Thank you Radiant!

It’s roughly a 6-8 week release cycle. That’s the time between stable alpha releases (usually). This latest alpha has been a bit unusual due to the steam EA release leading to a heavy round of bug/crash fixing. Still, they’ve gone from Alpha 1 in Dec '13 to Alpha 10.5 by June '15.

The latest branch updates more frequently and gets alphas early. It’s intended for bug-finding though, so it’s “minimally tested”.

While there isn’t a tool for the hearthlings to deconstruct buildings with yet, there is one that you can access as a player. If you open up the console with the tilde key (~), you can click on a building and then destroy it with the “destroy” command.

You can also issue a command to make a building complete itself instantly with “ib”. Fair warning though, if your hearthlings didn’t want to build it, it could cause some serious harm to your world save, so try not to overwrite your saves too often.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Ill look up that console-command.

if you have the unstable alpha, and once it becomes alpha, the new way after this update to use the console commands will be ctrl+shift+c because they are moving the time controls from “1,2,3” to “~,1,2” for no apparent reason

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@yshan stated that she did it due to people in the communitty requestiung it,

Its not a problem, for “our keyboards” it just feels weird hehe :smiley:

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