How will mods affect my current world?

If I were to install a mod like candyland, that changes the terrain, and I already have a world without that mod, if I installed candyland mod, would it affect the save without it?

if I understand correctly, can a mod retroactively affect the terrain? I believe the answer is yes… but only In regards to elements that are changed as a result of having mod loaded…

using candy land as the example, your existing tree models would be swapped out for the custom candy variants…

but elements that aren’t directly affected (modified) by the mod will remain as they were… was I even remotely close to answering your question? :smile:

So if I get this right, if the trees in the candy land mod actually produced something different than normal wood, then it would still be normal wood that got produced from it, but the texture would change?

textures, drop rate, usage, etc. i suppose all are fair game and depend on the mod in question… if the mod author decided that chopping down a tree should yield 50 wood, instead of 5 wood, that’s where things may differ.

likewise, if they felt a recipe should call for 10 wood, instead of two, etc.

Usually to test mods you have to create a new game.

Although, if you’re not sure of the outcome, you can always load one of your saves having the mod installed, and see what happens (but don’t make a new savefile because it will take things of the mod).

Then if you like what you see, you can continue your savefile, or if the mod didn’t work properly because it needs a new game, your saved files will be safe if you decide to uninstall the mod.

As per the Candyland mod, it just modifies terrain colors and replaces models, the wood keeps being wood, the stone keeps being stone, same with all the other resources, it’s just a reskin. Though I’m pretty sure that the mod is currently broken, I don’t recall applying the new AI packs and idles to the jellies… :confused: