Each town could have it's own set of mods

Would it be possible for the game to host different mod settings for different saves?

I don’t mean mod versions. I’d like to have my favourite set of mods and switch some of them on or off depending on my actual town automatically. Like, I would like to play Flowerfield on settings very close to vanilla, but I would as well like to have more mods enabled for my Whiteford, because I decided to have frostfeast on for this one.

Creating a new game would store mod settings into it. Loading an old savefile would load only with some of the installed mods.

I think Banished works similarly in this regard.

PS: I got inspired to write this after reading a post by @sdee where she (again :merry:) wrote that the game is designed to support a wide modding community. The game is to be greatly customizable. How awesome would it be to have such a different experience in every save?!


Since multiplayer has to match mods, the game should theoretically be able to match mods in general, so hopefully the devs can get this working. This would be very useful.