Same save on two different computers?

Quick question to the crowd, are we allowed to use the same save between two different computers?

I ask as I set the stonehearth “save_game” folder as a symlink to my dropbox so I could play the same town on both my laptop and desktop. However, it appears that the town I started on my desktop is not recognized by my laptop. Basically, I’m not getting the “Continue” button.

I’ll have to look at how I set out the link but are saves tied to a particular install? If so that’d make me a rather sad snowman… :frowning:

What about the load game option? Also, are you using the same Steam account on both machines?

Yup, same account. I’ll have to poke at it again as I didn’t think it let me load the save but this week has been “bone head” week for me. I could just me missing the obvious.

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Just got home and gave it a shot. Unfortunately, was not able to load a game I saved from my laptop. I had to create a town on my desktop to get into the world in order to access the load save option. Couldn’t find anywhere else it would be.

and just to be sure, you don’t have one system running the HB client, while another has steam… correct?

I know, dumb question … just thought I’d toss it out there… :blush:

@sdee, thoughts?

Verified that both games are on from steam and that both installed are of the latest dev branch. Ultimately, it isn’t that big of a deal if it isn’t possible yet, it was just a cool thought I had.

In any case, I thank you guys for the help!

Have you tried just copying your save file into the saved games directory on the other machine? By the sounds of it you’re linking it through dropbox?


@Geoffers747 Welp, verified direct copies work. Just a little odd that symbolic links don’t. Kind of a bummer since I remember using symlinks to install steam games to multiple disks before the implemented that feature native.

So much for being lazy, i guess. Back to the drawing board…

Thanks all!

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I know sharing saves between computers works since we do it here at the office all the time for debugging. We’ve never tried using sym links before, but thanks for letting us know that it doesn’t work. I’ll stick it on the list though likely it will be a long way down on the list. :slight_smile:


I just tested and confirmed that making a shortcut named “saved_games” in the Stonehearth folder does not work.

@SnowmanJazz - What if you uninstalled Stonehearth and then re-installed it into your Dropbox directory? It would sync all of the files but most of them don’t really change. I can think of a ton of possible reasons why that might not work but you’d really just have to try to see. It would work for one PC guaranteed but the other might not.

@sdee Maybe add a setting to user_settings.json for the saved_games directory location? It would make other things easier like being able to store my saves in a place that gets backed up while Stonehearth just sits out in the Program Files directory.


@sdee Heh, I figured it wasn’t a super priority. I was curious if anyone else had tried before me. I just thought I was doing something wrong. Although, I will second @jonzoid’s idea of a configurable save directory. In the mean time, I’ll just use batch files to manage them.