Share your saved games

Hi everybody!

I still new at this game and I want to see what I can do with it. So I open this topic so that everyone can share their saved games.

To share your games, just copy the file from .../Steam/common/stonehearth/saves/.

I look forward to see your wonders! :smiley:

Springdell has nothing but synchronized dancing going on for it.

just kidding

Here’s a save for if you want to build something big. It helps having lots of people… maybe I should of added more. :wink:


@AltaHMano you start with 7 so I assumed you wanted 10 more, not 10 in total, if not let me know.

@AltaHMano 11 Hearthlings :wink:


Could you make one with just 10 people? :smiley:
That’d really help… otherwise a quick tut on how-to would be helpful as well!

@honestabelink I did only want 10 :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe 12?
It’s just that I don’t like the slow start you have and would love accelerating a bit.
That amount of Hearthlings you got right there is way 2 enormous for me.

@honestabelink Thanks so much, I <3 you!

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