19 bug reports and a save!

stone2.txt (1.3 KB)stone.txt (1.5 KB)stone3.txt (1.5 KB)stone4.txt (1.5 KB)stone5.txt (1.6 KB)stone6.txt (487 Bytes)stone7.txt (478 Bytes)stone8.txt (1.5 KB)stone9.txt (1.5 KB)stone10.txt (1.5 KB)stone11.txt (931 Bytes)stone12.txt (1.6 KB)stone13.txt (1.6 KB)stone14.txt (1.6 KB)stone15.txt (1.6 KB)stone16.txt (1.6 KB)stone17.txt (1.6 KB)stone18.txt (1.6 KB)stone19.txt (1.6 KB)
In The above are 19 Errors.
My game is still playable.
1.I can’t get my hearthlings to put down the mill grinder or move it.
2.I’m stuck in battle music.
3.the game did the usualy looks like 5 fps from lua and everything else backing up>>caused by a goblin.

1.saved and loaded>>music still stuck
2.Moved the object around and made a new 1 they just won’t put 1 down.They will put other objects down.
3.gameplay not stuck at 5fps looking after load.
I’m going to post a save hopefuly soon.
I figured since so many errors popped up I’d make the effort to report them.
I can say a couple I know have already been reported.

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stonehearth.zip (153.7 KB)
clientstate.bin and metadata.json +screenshot

Save link addedlast edit

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Hello @bloodist

Which Stonehearth version were you playing?

latest steambranch 2666

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