Rome II - Total War
It comes out tomorrow. I’m super excited. I just bought my preorder copy (the ONLY franchise I’m willing to part $60 for) and I’m super giddy. Also, I get some TF2 stuff for it too, which is nice.

ANYWAYS, anyone else excited for this? If it has multiplayer and anyone is getting it, I’m up for some co-op fun.

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Yes. I picked it up a few days ago, and the game is HUGE! I think it was mentioned somewhere that it would take up 35GB of HDD… anyway, I’m a bit of a noob at Total War, so I’ll need to get used to it first, but I’ll be glad to play once I figure it all out.

i’ve got a few friends who are really looking forward to this… pre-ordered day 1… :smile:

i suppose i’ll have to give this a closer look (dont know much about the franchise)… i believe @Geoffers747 is a big fan, yes?

I’ve had Empire: Total War for 3 months now but I’m still yet to play it…I guess I should really…

The original Rome Total War was the best in the franchise in my opinion, so I’m glad its finally getting a sequel.

I’m not amazing at the game either, but I know my way around it that’s for sure.

:stuck_out_tongue: Well, what I meant by that was… I’ve never played the series before (unfortunately).

likewise… but it seems all the cool kidz are doing it, so… we’ve got little choice but to follow the herd! :smile:

Pffft, what a poser.

i know… right? hahaha! take that, poser!

oh wait… :crying_cat_face:

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I played the original for a while, but it just never really did it for me, so I stopped a loong while back, doubt I’ll ever pick up II, but it’s sure to be amazing

i pre-ordered the limited edition set with minature onager. I have the box set right now… but i can’t install it because its locked for another 6 hrs :cry:

it unlocks an hr after i start work

oh, now that is just plain old unfair my friend… perhaps you can catch some let’s plays while you toil away at work… :wink:

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Im totally up for playing. Preordered like right when they became available lol. I wasted so much of my life on the first rome total war and also medieval 2. Wasn’t a big empire or napoleon fan.

Well, at least you can be awake while waiting for your unlock… I have to get up for school 3 hours after mine unlocks… no-go for me…

Same, glad Steam allows pre-loads though.

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Massive fan of Total War. I’ve only played Rome and Medieval but loved them both tremendously.

Unfortunately I think my laptop would implode if I attempted to run Rome II :frowning:

can’t wait to get home… when I left for work it still was 3hours to unlock sighs

what I not like though is… UK received 33% discount on pre-order glares found that when browsing there through the webstore which for some reason is using the UK-Store until I login.

Time to crack open this baby and conquer Rome. FOR THE EMPER-- wrong game.

Why do you have to rub it in??? I have the game but my internets down so I cant download it!!! F**K YOU UPC!!! YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!!!

there there… its going to be oooook

here, will this improve your mood?