Ret livestreams Rome II next week!

So, now that everybody seems to be back and working (sort of), I hope to see a livestream next week, assuming the move-in to the office goes well, that is.

Edit: Now that the topic is an actual topic of topical topicness, if I get more than 5 likes on this post, I will definitely stream some Rome II next week.


Can you do me a really big favor? Stop doing this.

I open up discourse and I see this post makes me think there WILL be a livestream. Please stop making new topics saying LIVESTREAM! Unless you are streaming, or it has already been confirmed with a date. Obviously everyone would like to see a livestream happen, but this is just extremely frustrating to open a thread like this and find out it’s just a “hope”.

Also, this is your 2nd topic like this. Can’t you just post hopeful excitement there?

Not trying to get on your case, just being honest.

In all honesty, the odds are with us that we will actually get a livestream next week. Besides that, it seems that I have neglected to mention that I will likely be streaming some Rome II next week as well.

Either way, We have a topic for people to post livestreams of their own. Whatever the “odds” are of a livestream I’m sure it’ll be mentioned in a Desktop Tuesday or Tom or someone else on the Dev time will make a post about it. It is next to pointless to do anything but wait for their word.

Thanks for the heads up though.

in the interest of keeping my sanity, i’ve tweaked the title… :wink:

but i understand your anticipation/excitement, given @Tom’s recent comments:

Once the dust settles here I’ll hop on a live stream and update you guys on the progress of the wolf model and animations. Maybe we can do a quick tour of the office as well!


Beyond that, sounds like fun!

Anyone looking to buy the game, it’s 35% off:

It’s actually 19% off…

Perhaps if your currency is $, but if you buy it in £ it’s 35% :smile:

Edit: Aaand I know what you mean now. Because they overcharged us originally, for you guys it’s not as big a saving. Any Brits though, you save a fair bit

Haehaehae! Thaet biest ae funnie thieng ye doth doest, rieghyt thaere.


Like this post if you want to see a livestream on Thursday or Friday of me playing some Rome II, I need at least 5 likes to do it.

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UPDATE! 5 likes has been achieved! Livestream coming tomorrow! Maybe, depending on whether or not xSplit will work well…