Rome II - Total War

I appreciate the gesture but nothing will help, imagine when stonehearth comes out you cant play it. That is what has happened to me

I’ve been excited for Rome II for awhile and now that its here I’m having trouble deciding what fraction I want to play first.

I’ll probably end up narrowing it down to 2 and flipping a coin.

Me and @ManOfRet gave it a whorl, but the multiplayer has desync issues running rampant right now.

played any of the single player content? whats the verdict? :+1: or :-1:

My over opinion on the game so far is great. The sound quality, and details are very nice. Arrows literally have to have a physics strike to hit - which is change from all the other Total Wars (where buffs and calculations where used instead of this new method).

My rig is a decent grade, getting around 40 frames a second on “Extreme” so they really did well for it being optimized honestly. I turned it down a bit - didn’t notice much of a visual difference from the previous setting to High I think it was…? My rig treats me ok so I try to do the same to my CPU and GPU :grin:

There are a few rough edges, but its very well polished (for example using large latter siege towers - the low level first ones - often conflict with one anothers pathfinding if they get close and leads you to just leave the damn thing.)

I rarely play online unless its co-op I’ve always enjoyed this game more of a solo deal. You cry a little when someone important dies, and you tend to look after your men more.

Another really decent feature they’ve added is the fog of wars been worked on a good bit. You can get the element of surprise more, the AI doesn’t just “know” your location and cheats to its advantage which was the case in the older ones. You can use hills and bushes more to your benefit and it helps to look 5 minutes into the future movement wise which is quiet fun.

Over all - the game looks really great, plays like Rome Total War (duh…) but it has more polished and slightly added features. I’ve yet to really explore the diplomacy or other aspects of the game honestly, because I got in and grab’d Sparta right away, currently waiting for Persia to feel big so I can show them a thing or two.

I often don’t buy 60 dollar games any more, and tend to lean towards smaller teams, but honestly you cannot go wrong with Total War - you are always fighting the temptation to zoom down into the mix and just watch the epic fighting, or keeping the ball rolling and thats just fun. Just unlocked the real Spartan units (They better be half naked, with capes, and looonnnngggg spears) so I can’t wait to play tomorrow.
EDIT for above… I didn’t mean for this last bit to sound like the way… it did… but … I mean… … … whatever.

… Ohhh god… my games progress is going to suffer because of this one… ;(


I would LOVE to play this game with you guys… Would anyone here play a quick/custom battle?

@FinKone, yes, your verdict is rather accurate for me as well. I have only been playing for a little while, maybe a few hours, but it handles nicely. However, given that my PC is a little bit on the medium-end (if that makes sense), I can run High settings with a few little hiccups, but the game looks great and handles well. I’m more than happy to play with whoever wants to play. I will say this, though: single-player works better than multiplayer. They are having a few issues with desync at the moment, and turns aren’t taken simultaneously, a la Civ 5, so the game will likely take about twice as long (unless you’re me. In which case, it will probably take about the same time. I take forever to make my decisions, but hey, that’s a good habit for a n00b. :P) Anyway, yes, I highly recommend it, despite whatever you may have heard on the contrary (yes, I’m looking at you, Ars Technica).

just to be clear, my “like” was not for this part of your review… i didnt like it…

i loved it… :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved to play Total War but unfortunately I’ve tooooooo many games to play right now and a lot more on my list this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll get Rome II next year if I don’t get lost in Stonehearth Beta :grin:

Time for a new provider :wink:

i got home from work and my house mate who watched me have the heartache of not been able to play had gone bought his own copy and was playing it as i walked through the door. I was greeted with a dude its totally awesome… then i had to go and install it…

needless to say we LANed it the nxt morning :grin:


Argh, I’d better hold off on buying this, otherwise ALL of my free time will vanish and I have a lot of projects to get ready for the fall. Once those are done though… THIS LAND IS ROMAN!!



for those of you with the game, it’s patch time!

Finally! Some of these bugs are just sad.

what you guys thinking about the new dlc and the future new hannibal dlc

I think the game is great now but i refuse to spend any money on dlc’s, i preorderd it so i have spent enuff on it already.

I think it might be a FreeLC for the first few days

Then i will definetly get it but there is nothing on this planet that can get me to pay for e few units and skins.

and a new map completely syracuse with walls new factions rome in a pickle and carthage has a chance to win

Sound good, could be nice.

I forgot iberians and maybe the ardiei as playable factions the arrevaci