Retro dev blog - curious about the current state

with recent discussions surrounding the various looks of the characters (between in-game models and in-game portraits), as well as all the UI work being done on crafters by @sdee, this seemed like a worthwhile topic to discuss… im curious about the current state of the character portrait and “character sheet”…

and i’ll admit, somehow i completely missed the character sheet screenshot the first time through, let alone this little nugget:

An additional bar for quick-use of items in the character’s backpack
(potions, bombs, etc.)

personally, i think the character portraits (art style) work really well, and this provides a great example… plus, the WIP image is just slick to begin with… :smile:


Wow, what a gem you have found!

@SteveAdamo Is there a way to access this “super old” blog-entries… apart from knowing the link?

you dug up some nice treasure.

no sir… its just a matter of trolling through the older pages… :smiley:

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… this links I know, as you can just go back in the news to reach them. But that one at the top, I have never seen before. Just thought there might be some more treasures somewhere :smile:.

oh, that… right… forgot to mention my top secret access randomly blind luck… :stuck_out_tongue:

i just felt like reading some of the blogs this morning, and happened upon that one, that for the life of me, i couldnt recall having read before…

I also went through all the blogs once and also did not saw this one. That is really strange. :smile:

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when i saw the img at the first post “WOAH?!” checks the latest news still the same WTH?! heck is happening?!

then reads the next posts & gets it

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yeah, i thought i would remember this… i seem to have a vague recollection, but seeing it again really intrigued me…

im really hoping something like this is still in place…