Ressources. where did they come from?

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i woundered how the ressources are come to my settlers.

i played a lot of games in wich the farm just hat a little field in front with one swine who coul feed houndreds of ppl.
or a lumberjack who gains is wood out from nowhere.
or a hunter who goes into the woods and the food appears right in front of him.

how did the settler of stonehearth get they´re iron? did they have to dig a whole or bang just one or two time the pickaxe against the ground to get it?
and if i want other ressources do i have to trade with other factions/players(multiplayer only) or do i have to send out a little expansion?

So in general your settlers will gather the resources from “nodes” in the world. In the pre-alpha videos you see them going out to cut some trees. Once they have done this, they will come back with wood. Same will probably apply for iron. There will be nodes which can be used for mining works. This nodes also go down into the earth, so your settlers might dig a hole to get iron. Maybe you will discover more valuable resources once you have digged deep enough?

For more “complicated” resources probably the professions come into play. You will have someone who is able to tame wild animals and domesticate them. So I could imagine that you need to domesticate the first pig, prior being able to create a pig-farm. Other professions migth come with some base skills, i.e. the farmer might have the ability to create a pumpkin-field just from the start (without further “research”). However, you will need tools to promote a basic worker to a profession. So before you can send out your hunter to find some deers, you will have to create some kind of weopons.

How the resources are spread around the world is not know yet… as far as I recall.


I remember Tony (or was it Tom?) telling that they do have the node system because its easier to create.
But later on it should be expanded into a fully fledged mining system, so you will truly need to build mines with support columns and so on to get to the resources.

I think it’ll play out like the “farming game” where you can choose to just let them mine and get the bare minimum from nodes, or you can dive headfirst into mining and make complex tunnels and mineshafts etc. to maximize your gain.

correct… until the underground can be fully fleshed out, the current thinking is that ores will have “surfaced” in nodes that the player can access above ground…

while this does seem like a logical direction, im not sure we’ll see this at beta, and perhaps not public release either… unless its very simplistic, we wont really see any significant mining until the above ground experience is nailed down…


Probably something like StarCraft could work (having resource nodes with a set amount of e.g. iron in it)

precisely… i think the example @Tom provided was WoW resource nodes… but it seems he’s a huge starcraft n3rd as well… :wink: