Love the game! Need help getting started

I have a LOT of questions on this fantastic game as it develops. I have found woefully little documentation, however. Mostly I have just been exploring the controls. I do have specific questions, though which make playing a bit clumbsy.

How do I have a new Craftsman (Mason, Carpenter, etc.) claim a workbench made by a different Hearthling?

Can I later apply a filter to the inventory space of a designated spot? (Can I have a spot which allowed everything, and later say “no food” or “only tools”?)

How do I repurpose a area designated for a crop to use it for a differen’t crop? I swear I did this before, but a lack of understanding controls has left me unable to do so again.

Again, space I am so glad to be one of the people who is working with this project at this stage and I am excited for the prospects for the future of what could be one of the greatest gaming experiences I have found on Steam.

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Hi @Charles_Humphries, welcome to the forum :smile:! Glad you’re liking the game.

I’m not sure if that’s possible. Maybe someone knows.

Yes, you can do it, you only have to go to the zones menu and you’ll be able to select your stockpile, which will bring up the menu with the categories. Once you change the categories, the hearthlings will start moving items so instead of “all” there’s only “tools” in that stockpile, for example.

Same thing, go to the zones menu, and click on your farm, then the crop menu will appear and you’ll be able to change the crop.
Here’s a little guide in the website, if you haven’t checked it:

Also I believe that people are making guides on Steam.

Thanks for the feedback about the controls!


This isn’t possible quite yet. I believe it’s going to happen soon though. One of the cards on their Stonehearth Community Roadmap is to add “Crafting improvements: Multiple workbench types. Crafters of the same class will cooperate.” That sounds an awful lot like crafters will share workbenches. It’s an in progress task.


If you lose your craftsman to the goblins or starvation the workbench will be automatically claimed by the next hearthling you promote to that craft. Same with switching hearthlings, demote one and promote another and the same occurs.


Actually, I do now find my Hearthlings claim a unclaimed workbench in my games. I deleted every false start. And started one peaceful game and one normal and it works in both now. I also have no lag and they even build more error free. It has either been they had an update or for some reason I got better hearthlings the second time around. Yay!

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