Resources for buildings not being deducted from stock

When building buildings the parts that are required for the building are not being removed from my stock when the building is completed. This may be intentional, as I’m new to the game, but it seems like it shouldn’t be.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. procure the necessary parts for a dormitory
  2. build all the dormitories!
  3. still have parts for more dormitories!!

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use: 0.20.0 701 (x64) no mods

System Information:

hey there @Slaywood, welcome to the discourse :smile:

are you pre-crafting the required items? if so, that would be why you have them left when the buildings is finished, as any items needed for a building are auto-queued to crafters regardless of whether you already have them.

I am precrafting them, I was under the impression that was required in order to build them. So I can just select build, click through anyway and it will queue the items required to my craftsmen when I hit build, and if they are able they will craft the required pieces and proceed with building?

yep! :smile: if you’d prefer to craft the required stuff yourself you can turn it off in the game settings though :slight_smile:

not at all! lol. thank you very much for your help! does the same thing ring true for the missions given to you by traders, or must you queue those manually?

no problemo mate :jubilant:

as far as i’m aware auto-queue doesn’t work for trader quests.