Queing and a problem to removal after building

When building a Building and then removing while building, then start building another Build
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a Building
  2. The crafter starts quing items to produce
  3. Remove the building during construction

Expected Results:
A) the crafter stops queing items
B) Items are used up in new Build instead
Actual Results:
A) the crafter will que more items. even when you have the items
B) More items are que’d instead of using old items setting there
this A) waste alot of wood and stone, B) takes up more time

Version Number and Mods in use:
current, none
System Information:
same as always

I get this too.
I think it is by design, not a bug.
The game sends to the crafters the list of items, and they obey. Then the game sends another list from the other building.
It would be better as you expected if the game informs the crafters that those items are not necessary anymore and remove from the queue.
I guess they would need to make a way to connect the items with the build, and monitor if the build gets cancelled, so also cancelling the queued items.

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I turned the thread into a suggestion, since it’s working as expected (it probably has already been suggested, but anyway).