Buildings does not complete

When I tried to make a furnished building, with auto queue crafting for building on, the carpenter automatically made the items for me, as he’s supposed to do. Then he made a couple of fine items, which wouldn’t get placed into the building. I tried to get the carpenter to make the normal variants, but those wouldn’t get placed into the building. I tried to put those items there myself, though that didn’t work out as the building had already planned that there would be an item placed on the same spot. At this point I had only two options, keeping the building, or starting over again without the auto crafting option.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Activate the: “Auto Queue Crafting For Building” option
  2. Have a carpenter/mason/… with a level that allows him/her to make fine items
  3. Build anything that has furniture in it
  4. This step is chance based, sometimes the carpenter/mason/… makes a fine variant of an item:
    (Eg: A wooden chair)
  5. The fine item wont get placed in the building and the building should be unfinishable.

Expected Results:
Building will complete itself and all the requested furniture gets placed in the building.

Actual Results:
The building doesn’t complete and is stuck, until you delete it and rebuild it with auto crafting off.



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 763 (Latest test branch)
No mods.

System Information:
Win 10 - 1073, Intel i5-5200 quad core
NVIDA Geforce 840M
Intel HD Graphics 5500
HDD Disk

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i have experienced the same issues lately… cant wait untill the new system will be implemented! :slight_smile:

It does this to me too a lot. What I end up doing is just crafting the normal items and waiting it out. EVENTUALLY they will realize the items exist and place them. It just takes a while and usually doesnt happen until everything else in the building is finished. Messing with the building in progress will only ever make it worse and just confuse the hearthlings and the building plans lol

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I’m having the same issue, so theres not a fix unless you just wait it out? ive been waiting for like 2 hours and my building is still missing a window D: then I have a tavern I just made using the given blueprint and its missing a sign that wont get placed… so is there any other way to fix this?

You will have to delete the building if you want it, sadly. The only way to prevent this is to disable the auto crafting.

When a “fine” item is crafted I run into the same issue. Like Cheri, however, I just tell the crafter to make the missing object and the building is finished within minutes of the object becoming available.

I believe the problem stems from the fact that the “Fine” version of the object is not treated the same as the original object. They have two different names, two different item ID’s, and so when the Hearthlings go looking for a specific window, for example, it doesn’t find one because it doesn’t realize the “fine” version of the window is actually what it’s looking for.

A possible suggestion to correct this issue might be as follows. Any time a “fine” item is crafted it automatically queues the original object for crafting.

I’m not sure now I read this, but I thought that when a crafter made a fine item, the recipe gave both a fine and a normal item at the same time.

From my experience, the “normal” item appears only momentarily in your city inventory and then vanishes to be replaced by the “fine” item.

They’ve fixed the “fine/not fine” problem finally. But if you’re still having trouble with them placing things that require ladders (like high windows and planters and lights), check that nothing is blocking the ladder. If an object is blocking the ladder, remove the object (but dont touch anything else or the building gets upset).

Then wait for them to finish the building completely, and replace the object you took out.

do not put anything in building other than windows and doors and a small amount of lamp for lighting. because the crafter can create different value of the same type of stuff, it’s easier to get stuck.

also you should be able to see if you meet the requirment for building the building. (if not, don’t build).

with current item value than came out random and only 1 item, it’s not a guarantee you get all the items value you need, so it’s better you don’t use the auto queue and just do what i said in 2nd paragraph.

I find over furnishing the whole building will not only make the progress slow, but it can also stuck your hearthlings.