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Models Without Code

A Resource for Coders

Is this a mod?

No, well, yes, eventually. I see a lot of great models in this subsection, models I’d like to get into the game. The aim of this thread is to be a resource for all people to learn, share and get some mods into this game.

How will it work?

A model creator uploads his/her models, enters a fancy description, picture and explanation of how the mod should work and then add it to the bottom of this post. A fancy coder with his top hat comes along and sees a model he/she likes. He/She downloads that model, has a fiddle to get it working and uploads the working mod. Then StoneHearth gets a new mod to add to it’s list.

Can I upload my models on a seprate thread?

Of course, this isn’t set it stone and this might not even work as I intend it to. But, by uploading your models here you are specifically saying, “Hey someone, can you please get my model into the game.”.

So I’ve uploaded my model and it’s not been made into a mod yet.

Uploading models doesn’t automatically pair you with a coder, your model might never see the light of day. If you really want to get your model into the game without waiting, there are some easy to follow guides Here


It would be a lot easier for me if we could keep to a template provided below so I can copy and paste your post into this thread with ease.

    **Mod Name:** Insert Title
    **Author:** Name here
    **Description:** Put dazzling description here and how it should work.
    **Picture:** (not a big one, just the model. Quibicle Constructor and StoneVox box can both export pictures.)
    **Download Link:** Mega.co.nz, Dropbox and Google Drive are all free, you can also use GitHub.


I hope to see you guys uploading your models here, it really is a great sight to see a community helping each other out.

Mod Name: Crates
Author: TomMartow
Description: I have created 3 different sized creates with range from small, medium to large. I have already got the models in game and are craft able by the carpenter. What I would like coding is to make the crates act as stockpiles. I would like the Small Crate to store 10 items, the Medium Crate to store 20 items and the Large Crate to store 30 items.
Download Link: Crates


I assume Quibicle Constructor? Native file format .qb?

Yes, you’ll need the model to be in .qb format for it to show up in game. Something that Quibicle Constructor (paid) and StoneVox (free) can export to.

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great idea! i might upload mine here, or just try and code them myself… that could end badly though…

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This could actually work, kind of, if you’ve treated the crate as resource node (or at least, use the same code base as such). However, getting the hearthlings to accept a crate as a stack of resources could be tricky.

I guess another, but slightly uglier, way would be to simply have it act as some sort of pseudo stockpile where hearthlings can deposit things. If >X things are deposited, the stockpile closes. All entities are teleported into the middle (therefore, the crate would need to be bigger than 1x1x1 voxel) and the box itself has no collision box. Hearthlings could then “grab” into the box to the item they require.

Interesting thing! Would go nicely with my crafting system I guess, where we could solve that a lot prettier.

Just, you know, giving possible modders some ideas of how that crate could work.


@RepeatPan Currently they have the base code to be in the game purely as decoration items.

Would it possible to stack 10 stockpiles with a 1x1 voxel space on top of each other? That would also work wouldn’t it?

I don’t think so, but I haven’t worked a lot with the code. What I would do is have one real stockpile (in the middle) and 8 fake-stockpile-tiles around it where hearthians can deposit items. If an item is deposited in a fake-stockpile, it’s moved to the center stockpile instead and the fake-stockpile is “emptied” again. This way, you can create a “black hole” sort of thing. As soon as the crate is full, you remove/disable the fake stockpile, therefore leaving only the one in the center active.

It should be possible, somehow, but as I’ve said might require a crafting/inventory rewrite.

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