[Resolved] SGT2 Bug: Black Window When Launched Then Closes


When I open the stonehearth exe, the game open a black window (not full size), then it closes immediately after 1 second without crash reporting or error. Tryed to resolve running the exe as administrator but nothing change.

Steps to Reproduce:

Open the game double clicking the exe

System Information:

i5 3570k
nvidia 670

Mod Edit: Resolved - Updating your graphics drivers seems to fix the issue.

Im having the same problem and i tried re installing it and running the first test and nothing worked

Sorry to hear you guys are having some problems, first things first - are your graphics drivers up to date? A couple of people have reported similar issues and this has resolved the issue:

If you’ve updated your graphics driver and you’re still getting the error, follow the link in @SteveAdamo’s comment below, and then post the results in here:

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ok i’ve update nvida driver and now it works well :smile: Thank you!

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@Denserion any luck?

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yeah i updated my graphics drivers and now it works


Great to know! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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note to self: add this to the pending “workarounds” thread… :+1: