[Res] Stonehearth A5 Black Screen Bug

I downloaded directly from the Humble Bundle site and the game starts up with this screen:

and then it goes to a black screen and the music still plays.

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notices ATI icon on taskbar

I can hear @not_owen_wilson raging already.

Can only suggest going to AMD Support and Radeon Software Driver Download and downloading the latest drivers. This fixes the majority (if not all?) issues


notices Google Chrome icon on taskbar

You better change to Firefox pretty damned quickly! :angry:

No, its probably something with the drivers. As @Froggy said.

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The AMD Autodetect tool says I have the latest driver for my system.

We’ve had other uses claiming the exact same thing.

For example

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Still haven’t been able to fix it…

Time to dig out and post the specs then. See if we can help from there.

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Did you update your drivers? What are your system specs and video card? I had some graphics problems, too (in the post linked by @Froggy) and the ADMD driver auto-detect said the same thing it did to you when there was in fact an update I needed.

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How exactly do I check my specs? (Sorry for my noobieness)

Windows 7:

On My Computer, right click and press Properties


Search for PC Information



Linux: System Settings

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If you are unsure of what you should be looking for click the start button and type dxdiag in the search/run box and press enter.

It should run dxdiag

On the system page it tells you the specs of your machine and if you click on the display tab it should tell you everything you need to know about your graphics.

You can take a screen shot of the dxdiag box by making sure it is selected and pressing alt and printscreen at the same time (Capture active window). Copy it in to paint and upload it here.

Here ya go:


This is the latest driver available for your machine. I’m afraid it’s dated 2010. Judging by the amount of RAM you have I’m guessing your OS is 32 bit, even though its an AMD 64

The good news is it is 2 years younger than your current one.

The bad news is that if it doesn’t help you then I’m afraid it’s a hardware issue. I think your graphics may not have the umpf required.


Download the catalyst driver from this page.

Really hope it helps!

(Disclaimer… this shouldn’t blow up your PC but if it does, I accept no responsibility)


Hi @XTheEmoPandaX,

Looking at your specs, I’m sorry to say that, even assuming we can fix this issue, Stonehearth is probably not going to run fast enough to be playable on your machine. Your graphics card and CPU are a bit too old for the game.

For a refund, you can send an e-mail to contact@radiant-entertainment.com .


I don’t think that will be necessary, for I have been assembling a new computer recently.
But thanks guys for the help!


Good news! Hope you can get the game running soon.

It still did not work, so I guess I will wait till my computer parts have arrived.


Hope they arrive soon. Although, the game is definitely worth the wait


wow, we really do have the best community… :smiley:

@XTheEmoPandaX, let us know when you get that new PC!

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