[R:144] Game crash on start

The game crashes about 30 seconds into creating a new game. I have uninstalled and installed the game about 4 times now and updated my drivers… Any help would be appreciated. I just bought it a little over an hour ago and I’d like to start a game…
Even just the email for the technical support would be good if you guys can’t help me.


  1. First, which version of the game are you running?
  2. Have you updated all your drivers? ATI/AMD graphics drivers in particular are trouble.
  3. What’s your PC like? CPU/RAM/Windows version etc is all useful stuff.
  4. Is there anything in particular you do that might cause the crash?
  5. If all else fails, upload a crash log to somewhere like Dropbox so @not_owen_wilson et al can have a look at it.
  1. no clue, whichever version is the newest I assume considering I just got it today.
  2. all updated. clicked through every single one.
  3. windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit, 16 GB of RAM, 4 GHz processor
  4. not that I can think of. Computer is clean of viruses and malware and de-fragmented regularly.
  5. I’m not getting a crash report, it just stops responding then Windows closes it.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

If you check in the bottom left corner of the main menu, it’ll give you a number along the lines of 0.1.0 (build 1658) or similar. For the record, 1658 is the latest version of Stonehearth.

Beyond that… hmm. Your PC should be able to handle it fine. Could still be a graphics card issue I guess (do you use an NVidia or ATI/AMD one?)…

What else… Stonehearth should be able to generate its own crash reports (they’ll be in the Stonehearth folder), which the devs may find useful. Kinda stumped as to what else might be causing it at this stage though. @sdee or one of the other devs able to have a look perhaps?

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0.1.0 (release 144) is what it says.
AMD Radeon HD 7900 series 8 core processor (that what you needed?)
crash reporter won’t even open so not sure how much help that will be.

@not_owen_wilson is on a road trip with his dad this week, so he’s not here to jump on this, but I’ll be sure to let him know when he gets back. In the meantime, could you double check the AMD driver for us just to humor us? HP, for example, doesn’t always report the most recent driver correctly; sometimes you have to check the AMD site specifically: Welcome to AMD | Processors | Graphics and Technology | AMD


Hmm, this is a rather old version. If you’re using Steam, you should be able to go to Stonehearth - properties - beta settings, then sign up for the latest version (1658).

Yep, thanks :slight_smile: .

Not using Steam. When I bought it from the website HumbleBundle sent me an email link to download the game. I would definitely prefer it if this game was in my Steam library. Any clue how I can get it there?? Or how to update the game to the newest version?
Also that may have just updated my graphics driver. It’s installing files.


Going to the AMD site and running the driver check is updating your graphics driver? That’s very cool; let us know how it goes.

Re: Steam, all copies of SH come with a steam key. See Q:8 on this faq for getting to steam, and see question 13 if you want to get onto unstable.

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Yes the driver update worked. Thank you! The game is actually running now. I guess I’m just that lucky that despite updating my drivers they still don’t update lol
Will let you guys no if I need help with the getting the Steam Key but for now thank you so much! :slight_smile: I really appreciate all the help.


Glad we could sort it out for you :slight_smile: . AMD drivers are sadly a real problem for Stonehearth ATM (I get the feeling every time @not_owen_wilson sees a bug report about them his blood pressure gets a little higher and his hair a little greyer :laughing: ), but at least it’s sorted now :slight_smile: .


He mentioned that there is a memory optimization that he’s using that does not work with some AMD driver versions. Unfortunately, he does not know all the versions that are incompatible, and it’s not just all versions from a certain time period, so he can’t gate it by date. If he did have this data, he would write a giant if/then to disable it. Maybe a project for when he gets back is to try to compile that list out of crash reports, but for now, upgrade!

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Got the Steam Key. I don’t know how I missed that, it was right at the top of the download page I was sent. I have the game set to always keep up to date in Steam but when I launched it the game is still in 0.1.0

That’s okay - it’s meant to be 0.1.0 (build 1658) or something along those lines :slight_smile: .

Still says 0.1.0 (realease 144) not 0.1.0 (build 1658) That ok? Or is it still an old version?

Check the settings for Stonehearth and make sure you’ve signed up to the latest beta release:

  1. Right-click Stonehearth in Steam
  2. Properties
  3. Betas
  4. Select latest build (minimally tested)
  5. If necessary, restart Steam to encourage it to update

That should do it.

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Ahh that did it, it’s updating now. Thanks again. I would have been lost with out your help. Sadly I now only get to play for an hour before I have to go to work sigh but at least it’s up and running! :slight_smile:


thanks for all your help troubleshooting this and other reports my friend! :+1:

enjoy your new swanktastic title… :smile:



Looks like @Silas has competition :wink: .


The more the merrier. :slight_smile: