Resolution problems

i tried to adjust my resolution in the json so i can play fullscreen, i adjusted it to 1600x900 and launched the exe, and still no luck on it changing, i really hate playing games in window mode its just an OCD thing i suppose

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So when you enable fullscreen mode on the game settings and restart the game it doesn’t pick the correct resolution for your monitor?

Stonehearth has a ratio on the UI, so even in windowed mode there can appear black lines at the top and bottom to fill the window.

in windowed mode it looks correct, but it chooses the wrong resolution when i launch,even after changing json settings

Do you have a screenshot of how it looks in fullscreen mode?

Well i took a screenshot with steam, and its really odd, it looks perfect in screenshot on steam, (pressed f11) and also did prnt screen on game menu and that also came out looking perfect in paint, its really strange

hey there @nickrose9518, which ,json file did you change?

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user settings.json and stonehearthsettings.json

I think only the changes on user_settings.json will affect the resolution.
Do you have more than one monitor?

no im using a single monitor, and i figured it was worth a shot to change in both