[BUG] "Fullscreen only in HD"

Title: Fullscreen problem
Description: One image may give more than one thousand words:
This is how Fullscreen is looking on my 1366x768 monitor.
at the moment I changed it back by editing the config file.


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easy to resolve ^^ you must open the game directory and user_settings.json with the texteditor - their you can change the resolution :wink: fullscreen means only that their are no windowbars anymore :wink:

but becarefull if you change the resolution to high the game looks very epic but the informationsbar downside right is to little to read xD

I have fixed it about 10 hours ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

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uii sry the last part i haven´t read xD

yea, I have that problem too. 1280 x 1024. Gives those ugly black bars. Somehow it does not change to my resolution. Even after changing it manually in both stonehearth.json and user_settings.json