Resize UI elements

Hi everyone! :merry:

Soooo with my newly started team we make now a Hungarian Localization for the game (slowly but surely), and we have some places problem for example what I bring you for today:

The case is the texts length, 'cause we cannot really cut down the “trader gold” translation.
Is there any option to resize the UIs width/height to be friendlier to our language.


  • KoriZ :jubilant:

Yes, you can resize it. It is done using css (web tech, the whole ui is a webpage)

But there is no other word that you can use that is smaller and have the same meaning? You do not need to do a word by word translation, you can adapt it as you need, as long as players will still have the same experience, it is all good

I’m checking the portuguese translation, and this is what we did to fit it all:


We removed the text from the buttons, to be just numbers

Hmm… not a bad idea :thinking:

Thanks for it :jubilant: