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Hello everybody!

Sooooo, after the [ACE release] I wanted to start translate the “expansion” however when I created the first save with the ACE translation file, the game didn’t execute the language changes (such as It didn’t change the “Spring” word to “Tavasz”(HUN)).

My opinion is that the manifast has some kind of problem, but I don’t know what it is.


TY for any help!

at first i dont know why you have added the tabs ui and js thats not needed ^^
second you need to add the line: “default_locale” : “en”, before mixinto
third have you added hu into the added_languages.josn?
fouth have you changed after the gamestart in the setting the language to hu?

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Hello! Thanks for the comment! :jubilant:

Answers for your questions:

  1. 'Cause the official SH fonts doesn’t include some typical Hungarian character (s.a.: Ű, Ő, ő, ű) and I edited 3 font style which contains this alphabets and I need for this section, to I can apply them. (But maybe the “js” doesn’t necessary)
  2. Here?
  3. I guess that’s what u asked, and yes
  4. Yep!

1 - Changes to css and js are done in that section, so he did right. Else you would need to overwrite them and that is not ok because it erases changes made by other mods and make them incompatible.
2 - You don’t need default_locale: en for a translation mod, or any other mod that does not have original text.

Hello for u too,

TY for the help, :merry: buuut I don’t understand clearly the first one. Sorry, I’m not good in this, so can you tell me, what should I do? (What must I write into the manifest or somewhere else?)

Nothing, the first thing you did was right. Was just clarifying that.

Oh, sorry :sweat_smile:, my English not the best yet.

Sooooo, do you have any idea why my transl. mod doesn’t work perfectly?
It translates the normal (not modded) texts just the ACE “strings” have problems.

Upload your mod, I can check it to see if I find something

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Here it is: :content:
Hungarian_v24.smod (659.7 KB)

[It’s just a beginner localization mod, but I’ll try to complete it :merry:.]

I’m testing it now, one thing you can fix meanwhile is that the rayya alias is wrong. Your file is “hu_rayyas.json” but in the manifest you call “hu_rayya.json”.

Yep, that was it, After fixing that the seasons are translated:


Oh my goodness xD
As always in my projects :merry:

TY very much for the help!

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