Help for French translation?


I love this game and i want to help him to become better !
There is only one language on the game, English. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what the words mean. It’s strategic words where you need to be bilingual to understand.
Personnaly my native language is the French, i’m not bilingual English for the moment but i understand the meaning of the sentence. If i don’t understand one word, i will go on WordReference (the best) and i can translate the whole sentence.
So, if you need one volunteer to translate English -> French, i’m here. I really want to help, I’m not perfect but I have a lot of motivations ! (I prefer to spend my time helping people rather than playing alone)

Thanks you

I’ve become pretty good at english now, so I can join in on the translation for the game or for mods. My mother tongue’s french but I also speak german fluently. It would not be my first translation for a game.

… little tip - look into steam workshop and there under language :wink: Stonehearth

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I don’t know if that one still works… My son subscribed to that particular mod, and it changed zilch to his user interface :slight_smile:
And even if : that awesome ACE you all are designing will need some translating, caus’ it’s huge and detailed and changes some game mechanics, and it will need to be explained to french players.

when you subscribe an translationmod you need to activate it in the settings (most people ignore the info and then write that it doesnt work … yes i have seen it to often … ) also ace french is in work from commander cookie (for more infos join discord and ask in the translatorhub)

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That’s a neat trick. I’ll tell son of mine to try that out. Maybe i’ll join your discord, people, and lend that cookie commander a hand if he/she needs it. Thanks for the advice, Wiese. Just a guess here : you german?

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Thats correct ^^ i was the first one who had done a translation and then helped all other translators with their mods^^

Your name gave you away. Ein gutes neues Jahr Wiese. Und macht alle weiter so, dieses Projekt, das ihr da habt, ist der totale Hammer.

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